Narratives of Life CS Ltd takes the health and safety of children, young people, teens and their families very seriously.

We are committed to maintaining and implementing policies and procedures that help protect children, young people, teens and their families.

Please take the time to read through our policies and check back every now and the as we review these policies and may make changes as required.





This child and young persons’ protection policy contains a variety of policies that describe the commitment that NoL CS Ltd has to children and young people and the measures it will take to ensure their safety and well-being. The safety and well being of children and young people is of prime importance at all times.

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The child and young persons’ protection policy is to be used in conjunction with the following existing policies and documents:

•Privacy Policy

•Terms of Use Policy

•Terms of Trade

This child protection policy adheres to the following Acts:

•Vulnerable Children Act 2014

•Health and Disability Commissioner Act 1994

•Children Young Persons and Their Families Act 1989

•Privacy Act 1993

•Human Rights Act 1993

•Education Act 1989/1998

•Domestic Violence Act 1995

•Care of Children Act 2004

•Child Young Person and their Families Act 1989

•Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights






NoL CS Ltd is committed to the following principles:

This policy recognises that children and young people have a right to be safe from abuse and harm

•NoL CS Ltd is committed to the prevention of abuse and to the well-being of children, young people and their families

•NoL CS Ltd is committed to dealing with abuse, suspected abuse or disclosure of abuse in a timely fashion

•NoL CS Ltd agrees that working in accordance with this policy requires staff to be trained and supported

•NoL CS Ltd will ensure any disclosures about alleged abuse are acknowledged, investigated and appropriate action taken

•NoL CS Ltd is committed to complying with all relevant legislation



World Health Organisation 1999


“Child abuse or maltreatment constitutes all forms of physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment or commercial or other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm to the child’s health, survival, development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power."


Oranga Tamarik - The Ministry for Children Act 1989 (section 2)


"Child abuse means the harming (whether physically, emotionally or sexually), ill-treatment, abuse, neglect or deprivation of any child or young person."


Children and Young People Definition: For the purposes of this policy, children are those under the age of 14. Young people are those from 14 and up to the age of 17.




The directors of NoL CS Ltd Ltd shall be responsible for the implementation of this policy. This responsibility may be delegated to appropriately trained staff.




Last Review: August 2016

 Amended: August 2016

 Next Review: August 2018


Applicable Policies


1. Commitment to the prevention of child abuse and neglect




To identify and make public the underlying philosophy and commitment of NoL CS Ltd to the prevention of child abuse and neglect.




NoL CS Ltd values children and young people and is committed to the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and to the protection of children. This commitment means that the interests and the welfare of the child are the prime considerations when any decision is made about suspected child abuse. NoL CS Ltd acknowledges that there must be a widespread commitment across the organisation to the prevention of child abuse and neglect and that this organisation will ensure that this commitment is recognised and followed.

We support the roles of the Police and OT in the investigation of suspected abuse, and will report suspected abuse to these agencies.




The commitment to the safety of children will be given leadership from the board and management. It will be included in all of NoL CS Ltd’s strategies, plans, and public documents where relevant.

Reference to the commitment to the safety of children will be made regularly to ensure all staff maintain the commitment.

The time frame for developing, implementing and reviewing this policy will be included in NoL CS Ltd’s annual work plan.

2. Reducing the risk of inappropriate service providers appearing on this website




To reduce to risk of persons likely to cause harm to children and young people being able to promote services targeted at children and/or young people on this website.



NoL CS Ltd acknowledges that those people who abuse children will often choose to work in a child-focused environment. NoL CS Ltd is committed to reducing the risk of such people promoting services on



Application to Become a NoL CS Ltd Service Provider


NoL CS Ltd Ltd will at all times reserve the right to decline an application from a service provider to appear on


Processing Applications


1.Applications will only be accepted if:

 Service providers complete a declaration stating that: 1.The service provider complies with the required standards of professionalism set by the industry and/or any regulatory authority and/or relevant legislation in which they practice

2.Any qualifications, experience claimed, and/or testimonials referred to by the service provider, are verifiable

3.The service provider, and any employee of the service provider who may come into contact with children or young people, has no criminal history that would, in the opinion of the general public, make them unsuitable to work with children or young people

4.The service provider shall at all times exercise responsible care to do good and reduce the risk of harm to others


2.The service provider has an established reputable trading history which is verifiable

3.In the event that the service provider has no reputable trading history, the service provider must provide written consent to a police criminal record check


NoL CS Ltd shall not use photographs or images in a manner which depicts a child or young person as being associated with sensitive subjects, including topics that may depict the child or young person in a negative or unfavorable light, that may subject them to ridicule, or implies illegal activities; and topics regarding all sexual issues, incontinence, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, abortion, substance abuse, physical or mental abuse, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, homosexual or alternative lifestyles, medical conditions or procedures, and other health and mental health issues.


 5. Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect




To ensure any concerns over child safety are identified and reported.



NoL CS Ltd will provide information to identify and report any issues of suspected child abuse.


NoL CS Ltd has published an information page for identifying and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect. This includes:

•the 6 R's

•a list of the information needed for a Report of Concern

•guidelines for submitting a report of concern form to Oranga Tamariki - The Ministry for Children


6. Responding to suspected child abuse and neglect




To ensure any issues of suspected child vulnerability including potential or actual child abuse or neglect are taken seriously and handled in an appropriate manner that ensures the child’s or young person’s safety.




NoL CS Ltd aims to respond to allegations and suspicions of abuse in a manner which best ensures children’s or young persons’ immediate and long-term safety.

We will not act alone and will refer all suspected situations of child abuse to the Police or Oranga Tamariki - The Ministry for Children. The safety of the child will be the primary consideration, and no person in this organisation will collude to protect an adult or a service provider.



NoL CS Ltd will respond to suspicions and allegations of child abuse by a service provider by:

•Immediately suspending the service provider’s web page

•All suspicions and information will be recorded factually, and held confidentially

•Anything that is an opinion or a personal concern will be identified as such and not as being fact

•When child abuse or neglect is suspected the senior manager will inform Oranga Tamariki - The Ministry for Children and/or the Police

•All actions and reasons for them will be recorded

•Information will be stored in a secure place with limited access to designated people


7. Induction and ongoing training



To ensure all new employees or volunteers receive appropriate induction and ongoing training.



NoL CS Ltd recognises that induction and ongoing training for new employees is critical to the safety of children and all staff whether paid or unpaid will attend induction and ongoing training to understand and carry out the Child and Young Persons’ Protection Policy.


All new staff members will attend a programme where this Child and Young Persons’ Protection Policy is clearly explained.

All staff will read and have a copy of the Child and Young Persons’ Protection Policy. Reference to this Policy will be made on a regular basis in staff meetings and training sessions, so that staff remain familiar with and up to date with the policy statements and procedure.

NoL CS Ltd is committed to keeping children healthy and safe


As part of our child and young persons' protection policy, we have created this information page to provide details for identifying and reporting child vulnerability including potential or actual child abuse and neglect.


If your concern relates to a service provider on please contact us immediately. We take all matters of child safety very seriously and will take immediate action.


An easy way to work through the right steps is the 6 R's:

1.Recognise - signs of abuse and neglect

2.Respond - to concerns or disclosures

3.Report - to NoL CS Ltd and/or OT or Police

4.Record - for your records and high quality referral

5.Re-notify - if nothing has improved or it has deteriorated

6.Reflect - seek support and provide feedback to improve policies and procedures


Here are some guidelines for reporting child abuse or neglect from Safeguarding Children Initiative

This guide is intended to make it easier for OT or the Police to identify the child/young person or concerning adult and for them to understand your concerns.


Date of contact:


Time of contact:


Name of the child:


Date of birth (if known) or even approximate age:


Address of the family/whanau (if known):


Contact telephone numbers (if known):


School or early childhood setting the child attends:


Name of GP (if known):


Names of other children in the household or connected to the child you are concerned about:


Name of parents or carers:


Name and address of the adult that is posing a risk to the child:


Car registrations (you may witness an incident in a supermarket car park for example):


Who was present when the incident occurred:


The place/purpose you had contact with the child, e.g:

•planned or unplanned contact

•home visit / telephone contact / clinic contact / seen at school / counselling session / doctors appointment


Evidence / information gathering:

•what you have seen / heard / smelt

•what you did or did not observe the parent / carer / adult do or say that concerns you

•what did the child say

•what did the child do

•presentation of the child

•use speech marks to document what was said


Analysis / what actually concerns you:

•impact on the child


•signs of risks

•signs of safety


Action Plan: for you

•time scale - review date

•signature and print name

•record of referral / copy of Report of Concern for your own notes


Your name:


Your contact details:


Today's date:


If you want to remain anonymous, please indicate on the Report of Concern


Remaining anonymous means the other information you provide must be accurate as OT or the Police will have no way of contacting you to clarify things.




Keep a copy of your Report of Concern for yourself or your organisation.


A Report of Concern can be made by:


0508 326 459

or email [email protected]


Source: Safeguarding Children Initiative